UNIT44 is a Lebanon-based design and planning practice offering a wide range of services in architecture, landscape architecture, ecological planning and urban design. The approach and methodology is holistic and multidisciplinary, drawing on the extensive professional and academic experience of its founding partners, Jala Makhzoumi and Abdul-Halim Jabr, both recognized in the region for their expertise in ecological landscape planning, urban heritage conservation, postwar recovery and urban greening strategies.


Established beginning of 2013, office projects include Jesuit Garden in Beirut, Madeenat el-Nakheel in Basra, Waqf el-Sharif Ghaleb Development in Makkah, Salaheddin Diplomatic Town in Erbil, and Makkah Techno Valley associated with Um el Qura University (ongoing). Projects undertaken prior to 2013, in joint venture or in collaboration with larger firms, include Jabal Omar Development and Jabal Khandama Competition (Makkah), sustainable urban development (Baghdad, Saida, Damascus), master plan strategies and guidelines (Damascus, Dokan, Madinat al Nakheel), landscape design (Erbil, Tripoli, Beirut) and rural and urban heritage conservation and development (Kadihimia, Najaf, Liwa, Damascus).


Permanent staff include senior architect and urban design, senior landscape architect and ecological planning, junior architect and junior landscape architect. In addition UNIT44 draws on a list of experts in ecology, engineering, water resources management, heritage conservation and community development.