Salwa Al-Sabbagh

Salwa Al-Sabbagh, graduated from the American University of Beirut with an MS in Urban Design (2015) and a BS in Landscape Design and Eco-system Management (2011). She studied landscape heritage, ecological, urban and informality issues and participated in a number of workshops aiming at attaining comprehensive solutions and holistic strategies over different problematic conditions in the Mediterranean region.

Al –Sabbagh joined in 2011 LACECO architects where she worked on large-scale architecture and urban projects. In parallel, she worked as a research and design assistant with Dr. Jala Makhzoumi on a variety of large scale landscape master plan projects and city development strategies in Lebanon and the MENA region. She gained experience in developing design proposals, master plans, strategic frameworks, action plans, detailed designs and tender documents.

Since May 2015, Al-Sabbagh became a member of Unit44. She is involved in design decisions for various urban and landscape projects delivering conceptual and detailed master plans, reports and development briefs. Salwa is also continuing her research experience with Dr. Makhzoumi on various topics on landscape, public space, urban development and planning policies in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Aside from her work at Unit 44, Al Sabbagh’s interest in on-going urban dynamics permitted her to engage with civic groups, Lilmadina, and brainstorm on environmental and public green spaces issues. Recently, she helped in the establishment of the Lebanese Landscape Association (LELA) and in the organization of IFLA Beirut 2016 conference (May-June 2016)


Recognition / Affiliation

  • Salwa was Awarded the American University of Beirut Penrose Award in 2011
  • Salwa Al-Sabbagh is affiliated with the Lebanese Landscape Association as Treasurer in the Administrative Committee.
  • Since June 2015, Salwa Al-Sabbagh is a member of ISOCARP.