Nabil Dbouk

Architect, graduated in 2011 from Beirut Arab University. During his studies he worked as an intern at Beit Bel Jnoub with UN-Habitat, established to address post-war reconstruction following the 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon. In this capacity, he worked on building and rehabilitating a set of residential units along with some public centers, which expanded his knowledge and background of such projects, and broadened his strategies and criteria needed for adequate housing general.

In 2011, Nabil worked as a design and research assistant with Dr. Jala Makhzoumi on a variety of large-scale landscape master plan projects in the Middle East namely Najaf, Karbala and Damascus. This widened his skills and conceptual knowledge of urban planning. Thanks to frequent brainstorming strategies and steps towards green space enhancement and development.

Since 2013, Nabil Dbouk became a key member of Unit 44. He was involved in the design decisions for various architectural and landscape projects, contributed as a team member in delivering execution drawings along with graphical presentations and rendering productions. Aside from the architectural and landscape design role, he was part of designing and launching Unit44 website.

One of the major projects he was involved in was a landscape master plan project named Madinat Al Nakheel in Basra, Iraq, where he had the chance to work on designing waterfronts, green corridors, community and district parks, promenades and a variety of landscape components. The multidisciplinary nature of Unit44 made him familiar with different architectural, landscape and urban design basics. continuously gaining more knowledge and expertise in architectural and landscape design development.