Tilal Bkosta Competition

Location | Saida, Lebanon

Service | Private Development, Master Plan, Architecture, Landscape, Competition

Client | MED Properties

Year | 2015

Lead Consultant | UNIT44, Beirut

Team Leader | Abdul-Halim Jabr

Team | S Al-Sabbagh, landscape design and development | A Mohtar, master plan development and architectural design | H Jbara, master plan development and architectural design | N Dbouk, master plan development and architectural design

UNIT44 devised this proposal for a self-sufficient residential community as part of a limited competition organized by a prominent Lebanese development company. It offers a unique and cost-effective project with appealing and distinctive branding. Despite the required high-density, a vibrant network of open spaces increases the marketability of all units across all likely phasing scenarios.

The project features include:
- Overall ecological integrity of development with Wadi topography and seasonal watersheds.
- Diversity of unit offerings that cater to a wide range of lifestyles and financial capabilities.
- Flexibility of unit planning and standardization of bathrooms and kitchen units.
- Day-lighting and cross ventilation for all units.
- Optimized vehicular flow and underground parking offering a calm and safe environment for residents.
- Integrated and cost-effective structural solution for soil stabilization and underground parking, raising units to benefit from dramatic views of Bkosta and Saida.
- Prominent commercial development as a gateway to project, playing a crucial role in project vitality, branding, and economic wellness.
- Strategically situated along the Awali River,Bkosta occupies the first in a chain of hills that overlook Saida. Location and elevated position of the site, affords a view to the verdant orchards in the coastal plain and the Mediterranean beyond.
- Nature and culture compete to benefit from the favorable microclimate of the wadi’s that punctuate the greater Saida landscape. Despite extensive quarrying that has transformed the site topography; the site hydrology is a determining factor.
Seasonal water will continue to flow and flood the lower parts of the site. The ‘bustan’ in the project site is a token of existing peri-urban and rural landscape heritage, a small enclave that flows into the sea of cultivated orchards below.