Pearl Residence 3 Competition

Location | Al-khobar, Saudi Arabia

Service | Private Development, Master Plan, Architecture, Landscape, Interior, Competition

Client | Dana Bay Tourism Company

Year | 2016

Lead Consultant | Unit44, Beirut

Team Leader | Abdul-Halim Jabr

Team | N Dbouk, architecture design development | S Al-Sabbagh, landscape design development

A competition for the Dana Bay Resort located on the “Halfmoon” bay, a beautiful site (7.2ha) on the eastern coast of Al-Khobar, KSA. The project combines recreational, touristic and residential components and caters to mix of residents (Saudi nationals, Arabs and expatriates).
The design of “Pearl Residence 3” endeavors to create a distinctive character that evokes a sense of calm, reflection and serenity. The architecture and landscape are calibrated to blend Saudi, Mediterranean and tropical flavors, while responding to the ecological and environmental dictates of the site. A network of green open spaces form 64% of total site embrace three distinct green spaces categories: (1) publically accessible lagoon beach and green corridors; (2) the semi-public pockets; and (3) the private gardens for the residential blocks and villas.