Jabal Khandama competition and study

Location | Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Service | Pilgrimage, Private Development, Master Plan, Transportation, Infrastructure, Market Feasibility

Client | Al Faqih Group

Year | 2011

Lead Consultant | Ateliers Lion Architectes Urbanistes, Paris

Team Leader | Claire Piguet

Team Consultants |  A Jabr | Dagher Hanna & Partners Architects | CITEC Traffic Consultants | Buro Happold consulting engineer


The project was a competiotion for the mountainous urban development east of the Holy Haram, Jabal Khandama. The proposal won the fist prize for Jabal Khandama Development Competion in 2006. A Jabr assisted in the design competition over two stages and provided design and management expertise to inter-disciplinary international team working on the project.

Following the competition the team proceeded to develop a detailed urban design study with market input from JLL, Paris.