Parco San Giuliano Competition

Location | Venice, Italy

Service | Public, Nature Conservation, Environmental Resources, Master Plan, Ecological Planning

Client | Commune De Veneto

Year | 1990

Lead Consultants | Comunitas Inc., Boston

Team Leader | Antonio DiMambro 

Team | M Kostaras, urban design | A Jabr, architectural/urban design |  K Kapadia, urban design | C Onate, architectural design 

Project Awarded First Prize 

The project develops a comprehensive proposal for Mestre, the wetlands and waterways around the Venice causeway. The design philosophy consists of five components: Ecology, Nature, Culture, Recreation, and Transportation. The competition team included five planners, `urban designers and architects. Jabr developed designs and prepared drawings for a Cultural Node at the 19th Century Marghera Fort, an Environmental Reserve, the Mestre Dock and typology for the canal embankments.