Jenan City Development

Location | Al-khobar, Saudi Arabia

Service | Design Management & Audits

Client | Projacs International

Year | 2013

Lead Consultant | NORR Architects Engineers Planners, Toronto

Team Leader | Abdul-Halim Jabr

UNIT44 Team | N Dbouk , design development , 3D Imaging


In its aim to develop a distinctive landmark in Al Khobar City, Jenan Real Estate was mainly looking for a sustainable innovative and cost effective façade solution for the on-going project of Janan City, accordingly to be integrated with the provided layouts and plans while reflecting the function of the building.

After reviewing the design of the found facades , our final design solution was led upon two main concerns, one of which is “Energy Efficiency” due to the excessive use of glazed facades which will have negative future impacts on the building itself and the neighboring context, and another mainly emphasizing the material enrichment of the visually pleasing interlocking volumes of the complex delivered by the designers.

In seeking a unique and strong architectural identity, we envisage four different facade systems that we have refined to give Jenan City a contemporary local flavor while respecting the extensive sign work accomplished so far by both developer and consultants.

  1. GLASS, for maximum transparency. 
  2. CONCRETE, a system of flexible opening strategy makes it particularly adaptive to hotel and residential uses, but works well for offices too.
  3. CORTEN STEEL, a fine screen that reinforces the volumetric quality of building as it gives impression of a solid surface from a distance. 
  4. COPPER, a filigree screen devised for courtyard-facing residential and hotel facades. Can work for interior office facades too.

Accordingly the alterations between these four different materials, Janan City now has a flexible façade system, with infinite combinations of colors and materials, yet offering a comprehensive rebranding opportunity for the project, in a way to imbue specific components of the program with different moods within a unifying theme... and a finely-calibrated one.