Roof Garden Bliss

Location | Beirut, Lebanon

Service | Residential, Landscape, Roof Design

Client | Private

Year | 2011

Lead Consultant | Vaso Salam Architect

Landscape Consultant | Jala Makhzoumi

Team | R Fayyad & N Dbouk, landscape design development

Offering a spectacular view of the AUB Campus and the Mediterranean beyond, the landscape design creates a diversity of moods within the limited space of the roof garden. A raised wooden deck at the western end served as a hakura, planted with a pomegranate and bitter orange tree while the sunken eastern end serves as an Andalusian inspired outdoor sitting area, albeit lined with patterned terracotta tiles and an antique stone fountain. Flowering climbers trailed against treated aluminum trellis screen the view of neighboring towers. 

Construction completed in 2011