Abu Ali River Landscape Rehabilitation

Location | Tripoli, Lebanon

Service | Public, River Rehabilitation, Environmental Resources, Landscape

Client | Council of Development and Reconstruction

Year | 2006

Lead Consultant | URBI, Lebanon

Landscape Consultant | Jala Makhzoumi |

Team | C Bteish, design development & implementation drawings 

Rehabilitation of the Abu Ali River landscape is part of the World Bank funded project to protect the cultural heritage of Tripoli. The river was channelized in the early 1950s dividing the historic city, destroying urban connectivity and undermining the riparian ecology. The landscape master plan diverts vehicular traffic along the southern river bank, re-locates street to a platform that bridges the channelized river and re-connects the divided city. The landscape design include tree-lined promenades and a series of cascading gardens surrounding the Burtasi Mosque.