Jesuit Garden

Location | Beirut, Lebanon

Service | Public, Landscape, Garden Design, Architecture

Client | Beirut Municipality

Year | 2013

Lead Consultant | TEAM International, Beirut 

Team Leader | Jala Makhzoumi

UNIT44 Team | A Jabr, building envelope design | N Dbouk, design development, 3D imaging

The project proposes underground parking in a popular municipal garden established in the 1960s in a residential neighborhood. The landscape design challenges the outdated, fenced park by proposing the concept of a ‘park-plaza’ that is spatially open, dynamic and engaging to ensure that the updated design responds to the rapidly densifying urban context. I undertook in-depth appraisal of the existing vegetation, and proposed innovative solutions for in-situ protection of existing mature trees, the ‘book-ends’.
Maintaining the same ratio of hardscape to softscape cover, the landscape design adds a gallery floor that oversees the archaeological permanent installation, integrates car and pedestrian access to the underground parking in the park design.