Wadi Makkah Landscape Master Plan Concept

Location | Makkah, Saudi Arabia

Service | Master Plan, Urban Greening, Landscape

Client | Umm Al Qura University

Year | 2015

Lead Consultant | SETS International, Beirut

Team Leader | Jala Makhzoumi

UNIT44 Team | A Jabr, urban design | S Al-Sabbagh, landscape design development | N Dbouk, design development

Wadi Makkah Project (41.3 ha), is a mixed development site serving Umm al-Qura University, Macca, KSA, that includes commercial, technology and innovation center and residential blocks. The scope of the landscape master plan was two folds; First, to propose a diversity of treatments for the site open spaces that will showcase the buildings and provide for outdoor amenities and green areas; Second, to propose landscape development guidelines.
The landscape master plan provides for three distinct Landscape Character Zones (Desert, Oasis and Wadi) that form the basis for the landscape concept that is responsive to the local/regional character. The ecological methodology applied ensures that the landscape is environmentally and ecologically sustainable.
‘Landscape Development Guidelines’ proposed were organized by sector with three parametrics: ‘Sector Landscape Planning Guidelines’; ‘Sector Landscape Design Guidelines’; and ‘Parcel Specific Guidelines’. Refer also to Wadi Makkah Detailed Master Plan.