Holistic Approach to Nature Conservation & Rural Development

Location | Deir Nbouh, Lebanon

Service | Rural Development, Nature Conservation, Master Plan, Ecological Planning

Client | private

Year | 2005

Lead Consultant | AUB-IBSAR (NCC), Beirut 

Team | J Makhzoumi, landscape master plan | N Saliba, essential oil production | S Talhouk, nature conservation | M Batal, community nutrition | K Sleem, organic farming | A Jabr, architecture | W Melhem, architecture | C Bteish, architecture

The project site, 150 hectares, is typically Mediterranean rural, hilly-forested land overlooking the city of Tripoli. The project concept is holistic and multifunctional with essential oil production as a core activity, and fringe activities that include, organic agriculture, sheep and goat herding, cottage cheese production and beekeeping. The landscape master plan conceptualizes the various activities to render them visually accessible so they serve as a sustainable model for rural best practices and small businesses in marginal landscapes in Lebanon.

The landscape masterplan makes the production process an educational experience where visitors can follow the whole operation of essential oil extraction via a restricted glazed passage connected to the small museum room, the Essential Oil Production Unit was a building without precedent.

Ref to Essential Oil Production Unit.