Sustainable Urban Development Strategy

Location | Saida, Lebanon

Service | Urban Greening, Nature Conservation, City Development Strategy, Environmental Resources

Client | Cross Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean, Saida Municipality

Year | 2014

National Consultants | Howayda al Harithy, cultural heritage | Jala Makhzoumi & Salwa Al-Sabbagh, Landscape, Environment and Ecolody | Jad Chaaban Ilina Surour & Keni Hamadeh, Governance, Livelihoods | Omar Aziz Hallaj & Giulia Guadagnoli, Urban Infrastructure

This EU-MED Cities project, funded by the European Council, aims to enable local agents (local authorities, unions, entrepreneurs, civil actors) to become active players by taking responsibility for financing and/or executing projects for their city. A team of National consultants in collaboration with the Municipality of Saida (Phoenician Sidon), develop a vision and strategic structure plan for the city. The landscape, environment and ecology components of the project focuses on sustainable water resource management, marine and riverine, underground water and storm-water, while using these features as multifunctional landscapes that serve as amenity spaces and urban greening. The overall objective is quality urban living and protection of Saida’s landscape heritage, natural, cultural and agricultural.