Central Hall Townhouse

Location | Beirut, Lebanon

Service | Residential, Interior, Renovation

Client | Private

Year | 2010

Project Architect | Abdul-Halim Jabr

Team | N Dbouk , 3D imaging (2015)

With construction completed end of 2009, re-designing the interior space of the apartment was influenced by a set of items which are shown clearly in the final design outcome .

Taking into consideration that the architectural character of the building goes back to the forties, the interior color palette was mostly low contrast vintage colors with alterations of wood textures and granite finishes .

The fact that the flat is situated at the ground level and surrounded by high neighboring buildings, opening-up the space into a clear rectangular public area separated with an arched partition along with the installation of full height openings was a clear advantage in daylight illumination through the space accompanied with natural cross ventilation.

Certain space areas were studied to give emphasis to antique Indonesian furniture obtained by the client thus being featured as a decorative element yet functional one.