Storz Regional Center for Endoscopy

Location | Beirut, Lebanon

Service | Commercial, Medical, Interior, Renovation

Client | Karl Storz Endoskope

Year | 2011

Lead Consultant | Abdul-Halim Jabr

Team | Design 360 | B Jamil, Z Nawfal, W Halabi design development and supervision | Nasr & Khalaf, electromechanical | Intramuro, general contracting 

Construction completed including full architecture and engineering design and supervision.

A German manufacturer of sophisticated medical instruments wanted to relocate their offshore offices in Beirut to a prestigious downtown office building. These include executive, technical, marketing and training facilities (1200m2).

The interior scheme adapts the international work space standards of the company, and its branding constraints, to a new building owned by Solidere, within a fast-track schedule of construction.