Solidere Waterfront Exhibition Center

Location | Beirut, Lebanon

Service | Industrial, Institutional, Public, Architecture, Interior

Client | Solidere

Year | 1999

Lead Consultant | Abdul-Halim Jabr with Bawader Architects, Beirut

Team Leader | Abdul-Halim Jabr 

Team | O Adra structural engineering | O Mougharbel, mechanical engineering | G. Oweini electrical engineering 

Providing full architecture and engineering services, Jabr developed this temporary facility (now demolished) initiated by Solidere as part of the Beirut Central District revitalization project. Construction completed in June 1999. 

The layout consists of a large public garden and two main components: “Planet Discovery”/ Children’s Science Museum (1,200m2) and the Marine Works Exhibition Center (1,400m2).

These are housed in two clear-span industrial structures and are joined by a covered plaza overlooking the public garden, Beirut’s Saint George Bay, and the new waterfront reclamation and protection project.

While the two structures are simple, “off-the-shelf”, introverted and somehow mysterious, the plaza and canopy environment is welcoming, elaborate and rich with nautical and transportation metaphors intended to inspire curious minds of all ages.