Beirut International Airport

Location | Beirut, Lebanon

Service | Transportation, Hospitality, Public, Master Plan, Infrastructure Architecture, Interior, Renovation

Client | Council of Development and Reconstruction, Dar al Handasah

Year | 1994

Lead Consultant | Dar al-Handasah Consultants (Shair & partners), Beirut; with Perkins & Will, Chicago

Team Leader | Abdul-Halim Jabr, Project Manager

Team | Dar al-Handasah Consultants (Beirut and Cairo)

Phase 1: Airport Master Plan Feb 1992- Mar 1993

The project was commissioned by Council of Development and Reconstruction

Jabr served as Project coordinator with Dar al-Handasah. Liaised with various engineers, Chicago-based planners and specialized independent consultants on critical airport issues such as phasing, security and feasibility. Supervised collection of data and coordinated with user groups on various planning tasks.

Phase 2: Terminal Complex Update Feb-Aug 1992

In this Preliminary Design stage of the new scheme for the terminal facility at Beirut International Airport, Jabr served as Team Architect in representing Dar at Perkins & Will of Chicago, IL. Developed detailed designs for various landside public areas. Debriefed design team for subsequent work by Dar al-Handasah.  

Phase 3: Airport Rehabilitation and Extension Aug 1992- Jan 1994 

Jabr served as Project Manager at Dar al-Handasah for Airport Central Area. Headed a team of project architects, designers and CAD operators in preparing Tender Documents for the Airport Central Area facilities, infrastructure and landscape work. Coordinated with CDR (client), national airline, ACC, Civil Aviation and airport officials. Conducted engineering coordination with design teams and technical consultants. Reviewed project specifications and responded to contractors queries during the tender period. Presented the Project in various public and private meetings, including top-level Government officials and foreign diplomats.